It is a very difficult time for those who do business, for those who do social business and for those who work in for-profit and non-for-profit organizations. We are witnessing family and personal dramas that not many of us would ever expect. However, we are also rediscovering the value of resilience, the importance of collaboration and sharing on a large scale, the power of a joint effort.

Many of us are committed now more than ever to helping and assisting other people with volunteer work and actions of social enterprise, to supporting customers in this emergency phase, to organizing employees and the workforce adopting new work strategies so as to keep their most necessary activities running while protecting the workers’ health and salary.

With our gestures and our messages, even if we don’t always notice it, many of us are breaking down cultural barriers every day (smart working and homeworking) and pushing our small world towards new horizons, towards new ways of thinking that only a few weeks ago were considered hard to realize, if not impossible.

In this time of fear and forced isolation, when we are compelled not to leave home unless extremely necessary, our mind starts to wander. We start thinking about our lives, our real priorities and wonder how it all will be once the emergency is over.

Will we keep on following the path we left or are we called to change deeply?

We hear the numbers of the deaths and are often struck and saddened by them. But we also see the images of the Venice canals limpid after decades. We learn about loved ones that tested positive to the Coronavirus and have been quarantined, while in the background we can hear people singing from balconies and windows during alternative flash mobs. Also, there’s a wide number of ‘videos of encouragement’ from all over the world: from Cameroon to Dubai, from the USA to China.

We wash our hands over and over again, wear masks while doing the shopping and then go out on our balconies for a general applause in support of our heroes, all the nurses and doctors on the frontline to treat sick people, to make and analyze swabs and to assist those who are positive with unequalled determination and passion.

Worries, anxiety and anger are filling our present, here’s why at MUG we feel compelled to try to think about the future. Because we know there will be ‘an after’ and we know it won’t be that easy to get back on track after this forced break. However, we are positive our future will be eventually filled with the energy we are now forced to hold in, with the ideas we are nurturing, with the positive thinking we share every day, with the projects that we are developing within four walls with those who are close to us and that at times we share in chat, on social networks and on webinars during this lock down.

At this moment in time, we at MUG would like to offer in a humble way some contents to think about the future and to better tackle the lock down: some suggestions in the spirit of togetherness and sharing.

Here are some webinars, podcasts and tools to better tackle the lock down:

  • Webinar and Tools on Circular Economy
Ellen Macarthur TEDX Talk: The surprising thing I learned sailing solo around the world | Dame Ellen MacArthur

Learning Hub by Ellen Macarthur Foundation with a large number of courses and an in-depth analysis on Circular Economy themes

  • Podcasts and Tools on Social Innovation
All the podcasts by our partner Innovazione2020

In particular we'd like to point out the podcast of 'Le giornate di Bertinoro per l'economia civile'

  • Docufilm entirely dedicated to the Circular Economy for free on YouTube 
Closing the loop

In the end, a warning to everyone: #stayathome. Let's do it for all of us. Let's do it thinking about our health, as well as other people’s one. We are all part of the same world. We are all agents of change but above all, with a little sense of responsibility and some prudent behaviors, we will all be the architects of the tomorrow that awaits us.

See you soon and a great good luck to all of you from the MUG Team.
#stayathome keeping an eye #onthefuture.

Team MUG