August 9th, 2019 marked an important turning point for the american managerial policies.

During the last meeting of the Business Roundtable, an entrepreneurial association that brings together the largest companies and large multinationals in the United States, a document was signed indicating that, to create value over the long term, the various realities can no longer be limited to the exclusive orientation of making profits, but must embrace new guidelines.

From now on, at the center of corporate strategies there will be the needs of employees, the safeguard of the environment and the respect for workers, customers, suppliers and for the communities in which companies operate. This ethical choice is perfectly consistent with the values of MUG – Magazzini Generativi and with the constant commitment of Emil Banca to supporting the territorial development, focusing on people, business culture and the social impact of economic initiative. The sensitivity and attention to these issues are also contained in our four key words:

Trust, Commitment, Collaboration and Sustainability

These are the principles that we believe are fundamental to affirming the circular economy in the society and a technology that is ever closer to human needs.
We strongly believe that to generate an impact in the long term it is necessary to invest in innovation and allow young talents to bring about change. MUG was created to offer the city a place of contamination and collaboration, where creativity makes noise and ideas give life to new businesses.

Image credits: Ellen MacArthur Foundation